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Many Fabrication & Engineering Pty Ltd.


Engineering, Trade - Engineering

Driver licence, White card

MFE aims to service the needs of our local community and the various surrounding regional industries. We aim to provide a diverse range of services to enable the completion of the highest quality work for our clients at our one-stop shop. These services including metal fabrication, fitting and machining, structural fabrication and installation, engineering and drafting services, concept design, project management, fixed and mobile plant equipment maintenance and repairs, shutdown support and on-site services and much more.

MFE has a strong commitment to support the local community and the employment of local skills and trades within Gunnedah, Boggabri and the surrounding districts. We are proud to continue our support of local sporting teams , schools and charity events into the future. MFE embraces a sustainable approach to decision making with respect to the environment and culture. As an Indigenous Business registered with Supply Nation, MFE actively provides mentorship, opportunity and training to locals from indigenous backgrounds, whom represent about 25% of our workforce.

Looking for Candidates with the Following Attributes
  • Strong work ethic - Conscientious motivated and dedicated to getting the job done
  • Team player - Cooperate and work well in groups and teams
  • Reliable and dependable - Turns up on time, does what they say they will do.
  • Courtesy, respect, polite - Respectful of other team members, leaders, customers and partners.
  • Willingness to learn - Open to new learning experiences
  • Initiative & proactive - Shows wise initiative to help customers and colleagues
  • Motivated & Enthusiastic - Positive personality at work, eager to learn and help the organisation
  • Personal presentation - Presents themselves well and appropriately for the workplace
  • Listen and follow instructions - Actively listens and can take direction from managers and leaders
  • Work under pressure - Can work under pressure to deliver
  • Attention to detail - Ensures that quality work is done
  • Problem solving & decision making skills - Capable of assessing situations, understand a problem and make the right decision to help resolve it
  • Safety awareness - Does not take any safety risks
Minimum Employment Requirements
  • Driver licence
  • White card
Early Career Opportunities
  • Work experience placements
  • Apprenticeships
Contract Types
  • Casual
  • Full-time
  • Contract

Possible additional benefits may be applicable